What If We Treated All Consent Like Society Treats Sexual Consent?

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It is important to understand the consent of rape. Often rapists justify their behavior by referring to certain actions of the victim- by saying that he or she was clearly asking for it. But, was he or she really asking for it? The question of consent is rather a contentious one and hence it is important to ensure that you are not mistaking someone’s friendliness as a sexual advance or someone’s lack of interest as shyness.

Alli Kirkham -a blogger, cartoonist, and intersectional feminist explores through her cartoons the question of consent that clearly illustrates how rape cannot be justified in any way.

1. You are staying until it’s done

2. You said I could have it once

One of the most controversial points in the modern discussion of rape is consent – by failing to communicate, rapes can sometimes occur without the rapist even understanding what they’ve done or why the victim feels the way they do. We need to educate ourselves about consent to avoid crossing each others’ boundaries without even knowing it.

Comic artist Alli Kirkham helped clear the question of consent up with a series of 7 comics that illustrate sexual consent issues with everyday situations that are easier for everyone to understand. These everyday examples of how we give consent for other things shows just how absurd it is to blame sexual assault survivors or to try to justify rape in any way.

Through the following comics, Alli explores what if we treated all consents like rape consent- in our everyday situations. Would we still blame the rape victims? Here are some ways the society shames the victims:

1. You are staying until it’s done

2. You said I could have it once

3. You said you liked it

4. You said you wanted it

5. You are my wife and it’s your duty

6. You owe me

7. You are asking for it

In the comic below, Alli applies these same logics in everyday situations:


Alli Kirkham is a Contributing Comic Artist for Everyday Feminism and blogger, cartoonist, and intersectional feminist. Alli earned a BA in English Literature from Cal Poly Pomona in 2011 and uses it as an excuse to blog about books while swearing a lot. When she isn’t cartooning for Everyday Feminism or cursing at popular fiction, she posts cartoons and other silly things on her Tumblr. Check her out on Twitter @allivanlahr

Reproduced from Everyday Feminism, originally published on June 23, 2015.


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