You call me names and I wear it as “Badge of Honour”

Muktasree Chakma Sathi:

Every lie that you make about me,

Every fact that you spread aiming to disrepute me,

Every assumption you make without knowing my journey

Every controversy you make to pull down me

Doesn’t effect me.



I am a woman

I understand I am a human being as you are

But I am not a person like you are.


If I’m opinionated I am a freak,

When you ask me act in your prescribed manner

If I ask “why”, you call me Disobedient.


You want me to just obey you

Because you are “the man”,

If I ask “why”, you beat me up with all your force.


You don’t like me when I am logical

You wont like me when I am radical

You wont love me when I am social

You will always find a way,

A way to let me know-

It’s better if Ibecome your slave

sexually, socially even morally.


I refuse.

Knowing you will call me “Bitch”

I refuse to be upset.

Because as long as I can remember my life

You always called me names.

This is not new!

You tried this strategy so many times

that it became overrated.


When I had male friends

You called me “Whore” and “Slut”.

When I didn’t smile hearing your sexist jokes

You called me “Prude”.

When I was not feeling like making love

You called me “Nun”and “Frigid”.

When I was sexually active

You felt afraid and you called me “Bad girl”.


You try to suck my energy by calling names

You try to burn me out by spreading hatred

But nothing worked.

I am way too stubborn

I will keep doing whatever it takes

To gain my freedom.


Freedom from the violence you do in the name of protection,

freedom from being controlled that you do in the name of tradition.


You use violence to shut me down

You use words to put me down

Your rude words try to point out

I am a bad girl, a bad influence.

I don’t mind!


You violate me directly or not, I am a survivor

You call me names and I wear it as badge of honour.

Muktasree Chakma Sathi is a rights activist, researcher, columnist and feminist, working for the rights of minorities, particularly the rights of women, children, and Indigenous peoples. The issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as peace and security are key focus areas of her work. She has a keen interest in issues relating to multiple identities as she comes from a culturally diverse family and household where different cultures and ethnicity harmoniously coexist and interact. She grew up resisting those who questioned her culture, her identity and the purity of her blood. She grew up fighting all bullies who oppress and intimidate the vulnerable and voiceless. You can follow her in twitter @SathiChakma.

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