I am in search of my purpose

WC Desk:

”When my SSC result was published, I was devastated. I was not prepared to accept the fact that I did not score a GPA 5 and I did not even score a GPA 5 in HSC as well and that made my parents really upset. They once even told me to get married as they did not believe that I have a good future. Somehow I convinced my parents and got enrolled into architecture in a private university. Fortunately I got some scholarship and continued my studies. In the current mindset of Bangladeshi society, studying in a private university is considered as a discredit; as if they are outcasts and they don’t have any right to even study. But now I have graduated and I am working. As I finished my graduation earlier than public university graduates, I have more job experience than them. Now I have a job and I am supporting my family as well. Today, I am proud to be an outcast. The society raises a girl in such a way that it seems that the only purpose of her life is to become someone’s wife and to give birth to his children. But I believe everyone has their own purpose in this world and it’s up to us how we want to pursue it. Till now I am in search of my purpose and I definitely want to pursue this journey. I believe that the purpose of life ends when you give up the journey. But if you don’t, then it’s not the end but just a new beginning. So, in the end, how you look into it, is the only thing that matters.”

Reproduced from Humans of Dhaka City; Facebook page inspired by the Humans of New York, featuring the story of every people living in Dhaka.

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