Sahena’s Story

I can’t eat anything at all; though I have food I can’t eat it. For the last few weeks, I have been just trying to swallow my food to stay alive and active. From my throat to my head it feels rotten, but I have promised my children’s that they will not die for lack of food. I will collect food for them. For that whatever I have to do I will do, even if I have to sell my soul; I can’t let them die for rice.

I have nothing! I have just nothing. Even at this age of 26, I had to beg from people to feed my children and my husband. I never ever thought even in my worst dreams that I would have to beg from people or have to work here in this dumping yard leaving my children and my family behind. I thought I have lots of relatives, lots of family people but at the time of my suffering no one showed up and helped me. I will never understand that people are able to be this cruel if I had not gotten into this situation. Before coming here I was starving day after day along with my children. I come here only in order to feed us. For this, I had to leave my village.

Everything was so good. My Three sons were going to school. My husband was a gas stove mechanic. Last month he was burnt badly when fixing a gas stove that blasted him. He was burned badly and our destiny got burned with him. I begged intensively to every single person I know for giving me some money as a loan for his treatment. No one helped me. I was not finding any other way then selling all our rice for the next month we bought. You will never know how it feels when you have to steal food from your children’s mouth for giving treatment to your husband. I begged for the last two months but by begging it’s impossible to feed five mouths and continue a treatment. Begging was shameful for me but it was very difficult for me to leave my village alone without knowing anything.

I came here last month. Because I am new here I had to face a lot of difficulties. My hands and legs were bleeding from cuts several times from broken glasses. I was bleeding severely and got stitched even though I am working with my cuts. The smell of the rotten dump yard made me sick day after day. But I have to work here to feed my children and continue the treatment of my husband. I work here 8 am to 6 pm for 200 TK. After finishing my work I take my food after taking a bath. Without taking a bath no one will let me enter anywhere. No one likes a dump yard worker. No one allows us to go near them; even we can’t go to buy food when its lunch time_Sahena Begum -26

Story Source: GMB Akash’s Facebook Page.

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