Where did Radha disappear?

Jyotika Rimal:

I grew up listening to the epic love story of Radha and Krishna; or how it was immortal and has been an example of true love over the centuries. I would think what a divine love story it must have been and how deeply the two loved each other and if such kind of love ever existed in this world anymore. “But why did the two never get married?” I always wondered. While I have been hearing about Krishna’s wedding with 16108 women, there has been no trace of what happened to Radha. Where did she go? How and why did she disappear from Krishna’s life? Did she ever get married? Where is she? Every time we talk about Radha, Krishna’s traces are bound to appear. But does the same thing happen when we talk about Krishna?

It is from my most recently read “Radha” by Krishna Dharawasi, who also won the prestigious Madan Puraskaar; that my interest on Radha as an individual grew even more. This book entirely focuses on Radha and her life, her growth and development and her independent life decisions. A book which is based on Radha’s perspective and where she is her own life choices and decisions. A book where Krishna is only in parts, but Radha is whole.

Perhaps, in recent years, I have been very fond of making their own decisions and exactly that. I am glad “Radha” happened to me. The book challenges the overall notion of women being incomplete without men and shows that women are complete on their own. There is a part in the book where Krishna many times, Radha takes a stand and waits for Krishna to come and fulfill his promise. Her ego is so strong that she would not be willing to compromise it, it is not her love she is always desired.

Time and again, women have been identified as weak but Dharawasi’s book shows otherwise. Radha’s character is bold, brave and revolutionary. She is not scared to travel on her own, but she is not the patriarchy of her life. father (where there are beliefs in the life of the family) and what is going on in their lives.

In putting the spotlight on Krishna everytime, we have almost forgotten that Radha also exists. Without her, there is no love and there is no story. Krishna is as incomplete without Radha as we portray Radha to be incomplete without Krishna.

The book describes a woman and her life so beautifully that not even once did I feel this book was written by a male author.Every little detail has been crafted so amazingly that I felt like I was part of the book and felt like it ended too soon. Perhaps, over the years as my interest in feminism has increased, this book was just what I needed.


Taken from the writer’s personal blog: http://jotkaluru.blogspot.in/

The writer is currently working at Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity(ISAP) as Program Coordinator. She completed her MA in Sociology from South Asian University, New Delhi. Gender issues often catch her eyes and she likes to write about them in her personal blog. In her free time, she also likes to capture anything that catches her eyes.


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