Why these demeaning attempts to hide the rapists?

Mojaffor Hossain(Translated by Shanjida Nahar Priya):

Whenever a rape incident happens, we tend to put aside the rapists and focus on different topics, often implying that rapists have done it under certain circumstances. What could be the circumstances?

Women’s clothing is blamed!

Influence of drugs is stated as a reason!

The lack of moral and religious education is pointed out!

Recently, the lack of brothels has been discussed!

Some have said, it is important to ban porn-sites from the internet.

ONE. The question of women’s clothing is not relevant. From three months old children to eighty years old women become the victims of rape. Covered women also become victims of rape.

TWO. The question of drugs is not relevant. Because it can be seen that most of the rapists are not drug-addicted. Some of the rapists might take drugs. It cannot be said that, if he does not take drugs, he will not rape. As in spite of not consuming drugs, many have raped and killed people. I have never heard a teacher of madrasah taking drugs, but some of them have always been in the role of rapists.

THREE. I do not think there is a lack of moral education. Every rapist knows that it is not right to rape. They at least do have that kind of moral education. At least when the university teachers or students rape, how do I tell no one taught them morality? Have they directly come to human society from the jungle? When a madrasah teacher rape, how do I tell they have less religious education than me?

FOUR. I do not think there will not be too much rape if there are brothels everywhere. What is the benefit of the brothel for a person who rapes a child from six months to ten years? Will a Madrasah teacher go to a brothel? Those who do not leave boys, girls, elderly, not even animals, what benefit brothel is for him? Moreover, there are also cases of rape in the city where there is a recognized brothel.

FIVE. From the bus driver to teacher, no one rapes because of watching porn on the internet. Rape occurrences have happened before the invention of the internet.  

I think, those who watch porn videos, if someone among them rape, that is not because he watches porn, it is only because he want to rape. Watching pornography reduces the attraction towards normal sex. That is, a porn-addicted male does feel less attraction towards an actual female body. They live in a fantasy world. And most of the time they masturbate. In spite of having wives, they masturbate by watching porn videos. There is a Hollywood movie about this mental crisis of porn addict male. Those who watch pornography expect an extreme response from their partners, which cannot be achieved from any woman at any time during rape, therefore those who watch porn will not be going to rape if he is not a rapist.

Therefore, it is no use to say about these situations by avoiding rapists. Rapists are criminal. There is no reason to cover his crime. The mentality of covering up the crimes need to be eliminated. The days of saying the man stole because there was no lock in the door is gone. The rapist should be questioned about why did he rape?

Has any rapist ever said that he raped because he didn’t have any moral education, or because he watched porn, or because he didn’t have any brothel beside his house, or because he became excited by watching the short dress of a six years old child??? Then why are we thinking about it by stepping forward? Why is this humiliating attempt to hide the rapist?

We all want to punish the rapist.  But if all the crimes are not punished in society, then it is wrong to think that it will be punished only because of rape. Where the murder, bribery, fraud, loan fraud, drug dealer, the kidnappers are not being punished properly, why the rapist would be punished here?

 Do we know about how lakhs of cases are pending? Society is now in the top of being recidivist, the patron of crime. If the entire society has not been changed from the root, why will the morale of the rapist wake up alone, and why would a policeman stop taking a bribe?

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Mojaffor Hossain is a fiction writer and literary critic from Bangladesh. Starting his career as a journalist and now working as a translator in the Bangla Academy, he has been connected with the literary world indispensably for 14 years now. He has published five books packed with awe-inspiring short-stories, which, in recent years, have attracted much acclaim from both general readers and literary critics. His signature style is using native realities as his settings and giving them magic-realistic or surrealistic colors. He has been awarded four times for his short stories. He is also known as a translator, literary critic, and feminist thinker.  



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