Women Chapter turns 5 years old today!

Editor’s Desk:

Women Chapter began its mission 5 years ago. In December 2016, the English site was launched separately. It has not been a smooth ride for Women Chapter, but we have survived all the storms so far and we are determined to march ahead in our mission. On this occasion, Team Women Chapter would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to all our well wishers, writers, volunteers(current and former) and contributing partners. At present, we are contributing partners with SAFIGI Outreach Foundation and She Matters:

1.SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd(Zambia)
SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd is a not for profit organization based in Zambia with a vision to raise a generation where girls are empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of their life, for the development of the entire world. To know more about SAFIGI’s goals and activities, visit http://www.safetyfirstforgirls.org




2. She Matters(Netherlands)

She Matters empowers refugee and migrant women to build their social and economic capital, boost their self-confidence as well as become leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities.




We are grateful to both the organizations for regularly sharing their initiatives and campaigns with us. We believe in the power of networking and supporting like-minded initiatives in our mission to advance women empowerment, gender equality, and making the world a safer and better place for women.

There have been a number of instances when the writers and/or team members have been threatened. However, we refuse to bow down to the threats of patriarchs or religious extremists or any forces that oppose feminism and freedom of speech.

Once again, we would like to thank our readers, well-wishers, writers, volunteers(current and former) and contributing partners for all the moral support and encouragement in our mission!

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