Nothing gives you the freedom to make sexist comments

Pavithra Daulagala:
Pavithra Daulagala

So while I was scrolling down my newsfeed yesterday I came across this imprudent, sexist comment which I couldn’t let go of. I thought maybe, as it was posted by a GIRL, I need to give this girl some insight if in case she hadn’t some for twenty odd years.

The comment was about how lame it is when girls stand in hallways or gardens posing for pics while holding a purse and then posting it on Facebook. According to her, that is “stupid and attention-seeking” while girls should be “classy and fabulous”.

Let me break it down to you girl as a person who poses for pics standing everywhere you mentioned and also post them on Facebook. I may pose in a hallway, garden, with clothes, without clothes, with a purse, with even a camel but it is NOT YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. I’m sure you have better things to do than to sit and post status criticizing other women.

Girl, if in case you had a misinterpretation of what “Classy” actually means let me clear that out to you too. It is having dignity, consideration, and moderation in your daily actions, which YOU CLEARLY DOESN’T SEEM TO BE HAVING.

Women are fighting for equality these days. I think, before, focusing on equality, first, us women need to learn how to respect each other. We all have our perspective on different things but the moment you decides to put up your insensitive, idiotic thoughts on a social media platform, it clearly shows how thoughtless and disrespectful YOU are as a person.

Finally, I understand you might be either jealous, furious, or even frustrated due to restrictions but it doesn’t give you the freedom to criticize and let down other women by making sexist comments.

Reproduced with permission from the writer’s Facebook Timeline.

Pavithra Daulagala is a youth activist working on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention from Sri Lanka. She is currently working as Research Assistant at the University of Peradeniya and is also an Entrepreneur.
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